A Healing Deliverance Ministry of Jesus 

Touch of God is a Healing Deliverance Ministry in Dallas, Texas. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is an atonement to Preach the gospel, cast out devils, lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (Psalms 103:2-3 & Mark 16:15-18) through our seminars, online classes or one-on-one personal ministry.

Spiritual Warfare Healing and deliverance Ministry Dallas, Texas - Break Free Seminars

Spiritual Warfare Healing and Deliverance Ministry

Breaking FREE Texas 2-Day Conference April 1 & 2, 2017

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Who should attend the healing deliverance ministry seminar? Anyone desiring freedom from physical and spiritual attacks. Read miraculous healing testimonies from others who attended the previous conference.

Healing and Deliverance

Our life-changing seminars

Our seminar lays out profound biblical teachings that help you defeat demonic activity in your life. We teach how demons work, how demons enter and then get you free through deliverance. We also look for reasons for curses, the source of curses and how to be released from curses.

  • generational family curses,
  • habitual personal sins, 
  • traumatic events, 
  • unforgiveness towards others, self or God,
  • negative thought patterns, and
  • the occult and new age practices
  • emotional, physical, spiritual wounds.

Discover the healing that God wants to bring in your life and learn Insight into “Why Mankind Has Disease.” We look at Spiritual Roots of Disease and look at also hindrances to healing.

Learn the Importance of Maintaining Healing Deliverance Walkout

Healing and deliverance is an ongoing process of sanctification. We also teach people how to stay delivered and healed through our step-by-step process called a walkout by teaching:

  • knowing your identity by studying God’s word,
  • forgiving and releasing everyone who has ever hurt you,
  • separating yourself from the accursed thing,
  • guarding your thought life,
  • deleting demonic or fleshly recreation, and
  • resisting temptation and more.

If you are seeking healing and deliverance, discover the freedom that God wants to bring in your life. Why don’t you sign up today and find your liberty?

Healing and Deliverance

Traci Morin Overcomer Christian Inspirational Speaker Powerful Healing Services Powerful School of Ministry Training and healing and deliverance
Traci Morin shares her personal story “How to Overcome Adversities.” Invite her to your church, special events, or retreats. God has done notable miracles in her meetings, such as the healing cancer, fibromyalgia, autism, etc. We wish to train and equip those who feel called to minister to the oppressed and the sick. Also, take away the fear of the demonic and equip pastors to discern and cast out demonic spirits without getting in over their heads.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to set free, train, equip, and empowering others to fulfill their God-given purpose as we remove the demonic influences.

stop human trafficking

Stop human trafficking

The Touch of God Supports City Refuge 

Texas ranks No. 2 for human trafficking crimes. Touch of God Ministries supports City Refuge Ministries who creates a safe place for children rescued from human trafficking. If you want your church educated about children kidnapped in Dallas/Fort Worth, I will do a special event. 

Human trafficking is an issue for all socioeconomic levels and does not only affect low-income families but households who are fatherless.

As little as $1 per day, can end human trafficking in 1 year!

Stop Human Trafficking - Save the Children - Stop Child Slavery

Touch of God Healing and Deliverance Ministry Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, Healing Ministry, Deliverance Ministry - receive healing through deliverance

if you need healing deliverance ministry


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