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Recognized Prophets/Prophetess by Touch of God

Recognized Deliverance Ministers

Reaching out to needy children around the globe. 

Hope International Services – church planting, helping orphaned children in the African nation of Malawi – due to high rate of HIV/Aids in Malawi, many children homeless.

Mission Websites:

Love Each Other Ministries in IndiaThe Purpose of Our organization is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus and Provide free food and clothing, shelter, spiritual guidance and material support to orphans, widows, leprous, disabled and supporting to pastors those in poor financial stage and evangelists and church plantings in rural villages.

World Hope Church – In India

Zion Faith Ministries – a healing ministry in India.

Pastor Ghaffar Bhatti is Founder and Chairman of The Gospel of Kingdom Church Ministries. He is a church planter, evangelist: He has revival crusades, church planter, takes care of the poor, takes care of orphans, has house churches, etc.

The Prendiz Family, Missionaries, Serving The People Of Mexico – They need your support. Please send checks to: 4709 Manning Dr. Colleyville Tx 76034

City of Refuge Honduras, Central America, James Young Missionary, Apostle, Trainer

Pakistan Missions – Emmanuel Sadiq –  We are involved in the following: Evangelism, Church Planting, Crusades, Campaign meetings, Prayer and Revival seminars, Christian literature Distribution, Sports Programme, Village outreach  Ministry, Children Ministry, Translation books into Urdu language Youth Ministry, Women Ministry, Medical assistance, financial and spiritual assistance  for the Widows, Orphans food package, disables, rehabilitation for Drug
addicted, Education for Adult illiterate and Children etc. – reaching the gospel to the people of India

Society Action for New Life in India – orphanage by .Yarra Ramesh Founder of SAFL

Prayer Ministries

Jesus Calls International, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, Dallas, TX

Other Deliverance Ministry Websites:

International Spiritual Warfare Team and deliverance and healing ministry

Lake Hamilton Bible Camp & Conference Grounds – deliverance and healing ministry.

Christ Outreach Ministries – These people truly love the Lord and are true kingdom people. They are the ones who started Spiritual Warfare Team.

The Great Bible Study – Deliverance and Healing Articles – Very good site

Ministering Deliverance Forum – Very good site

The Lord’s Outreach Intl. Ministries – School of Theology in Louisiana, a deliverance and healing curriculum

Links to Other Christian Ministry Websites – preparing for the end times: by Lynn Scarborough – is an emergency preparedness event with a positive community focus being ready for any type of disaster.  .  Prep2Bless was developed to provide  the information and tools so that you, your family, friends and workplace can be prepared in the case of disasters and in turn bless others.

Touch of God deliverance and Healing Ministry Deliverance and Healing Articles

Links to other Christian Ministry Websites (deliverance and healing):

National Association of Christian Ministers – many are deliverance and healing ministers

Links to other ministries – Excellent Church in the Dallas area, Irving Tx

Heartland World Ministries – Pastor Steve Hill – watch previous Hartland Family Ministries teachings, preaching, evangelism, etc. – watch Steve Hill Testimony Youtube.  Steve Hill died recently on March 9, 2014.  Please pray for Jeri and her family.

  • Prodicals Only – Pastor Steve Hill (Evangelist) – he died March 9, 2014.
  • – by Steve Hill to expose the wold christians who are persecuted, to education why so much suffering and to equip you with tools to be more effective.
  • Steve Hill Ministries – Pastor Steve Hill (Evangelist) – he died March 9, 2014, after a long fight with cancer.
  • STAND – Singles Taking A New Direction – Come for Fellowship and Come Up Higher (part of Heartland World Ministries) Pastor Steve Hill
  • Joe Oden Ministries – Evangelist at Heartland World Ministries, Irving, Texas, Joe Eden, under the covering of Steve Hill Pastor
  • Thurman Scrivner, The Savior Ministries/Thurman Scrivner,

Other Christian Ministry Websites Links:

Bring Awareness of Human Trafficking Globally and in America Video. Save the Children

Father’s Love (a place to learn about the father’s love for you)

Exposing Freemasonry and how it is a cult.  Do you need ministry such as deliverance and healing from freemasonry?  Check out events.

Learn about Prescription Drug Affects and what the word says about pharmakeia.  Do you need deliverance and healing from the effects of pharmakeia?  Check out the two-day event.

Journey2Wholeness Ministries – in memory of Deborah Massey who passed away Dec. 26, 2013.

Take a Stand Ministries – False Religions Exposed by Eric Barger.  Eric takes a stand and confronts both the culture and the Church.  False religions and cults open the odor for demonic attack.  Do you need deliverance and healing ministry to become free from the effects of false religion and cults?  Check out the two-day event.

Read The Gospel Teachings of Jesus Christ and learn about blessings – Andrew Strom

Need A Website?:

EZbuywebsites – the economical way to have a website

Need advise on how to use and add social media on your website? Contact Lissa Duty – Virtural Assistants Services and Marketing Strategies

Youtube Video Catholic Response to “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus

More Links:


Links to other ministries offers those who are sick in body, soul and spirit who need help the following:

Offering Freedom to a Broken World by Setting The Captives Free  Be Healed & Be Free

Everyone is looking for Wholeness in their health and these articles are designed to help those suffering from sickness and disease to find answers and recover themselves from the snares of the enemy.

“Setting Captives Free Causes Spiritual Roots Disease”


Thank you for visiting Touch of God a Christian Healing and Deliverance Ministries Dallas – Setting the Captives Free Body Soul and Spirit

Recommended Books on Healing and Deliverance:

 we are a deliverance and healing ministry located in Dallas/Fort worth, texas.  Come to one of our healing and deliverance ministry, we minister spiritual warfare deliverance and healing prayers. 


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