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Touch of God wants to help educate people in the following areas:

  1. Christian healing books, Christian deliverance download books, prayer, spiritual warfare.  We also have bible, commentary, etc.


We want to bless the people that come to my website especially those who live in very poor nations. Please note, I do not print and/or mail these books to you. Touch of God ministry is small and has limited funds. When you download these books, you have only two chances to download Free Christian Ebooks or Bargain eBooks online.
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These Christian Bargain eBooks online are a small fee to own. No shipping fee and no waiting for mail delivery. Again, I do not mail these books out. These Christian ebooks are in pdf format. If you have problems with your pad or cell phone, please download the pdf app. This will enable you to read your book on your pad or cell phone.

You’ll usually have your e-book within minutes after ordering! Please make sure you check your spam mail. At the end of CHECKOUT, pay attention to the FINALIZE YOUR ORDER button, make sure you click it to trigger the download link.

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Book of the Week! Out of Many Waters by Anita Hill  – Powerful testimony of a woman healed of over sixteen diseases, including Environmental Illness and Multiple Personality Disorder. Ms. Hill not only shares her story of faith and healing, bur provides help for others seeking freedom. Paperback $1.49.

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Free Christian eBooks by E.M. Bounds





The Necessity of Prayer by E.M. Bounds – download free spiritual warfare books on prayer

free ebook download
The Weapon of Prayer
by E.M. Bounds – download free spiritual warfare books on prayer
free ebook downloadThe Essentials of Prayerby E.M. Bounds – download free spiritual warfare books on prayer
free ebook downloadPower through Prayer by E.M. Bounds – Free Download

More books by E.M. Bounds at Amazon

Free PDF Christian eBooks and Bargain ebooks online by Charles Finney – A Revivalist

free ebook downloadPower From On High from Charles Finney – free download
bargainTrue Christianity by Charles G. Finney

free ebook downloadOn Prayer by Charles Finney


Download Free Christian eBooks – Kenneth Hagin – spiritual warfare ebooks online

bargainThe Triumphant Church by Kenneth E. Hagin

free ebook downloadBelievers Authority by Kenneth Hagin – download free spiritual warfare books

Kindle Books by Kenneth Hagin at Amazon Books

Bargain Christian eBooks Online by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond – Deliverance Teachings

The Breaking of Cursebargain ebooks downloads by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond

 Books on
Deliverance by
Frank Hammond

at Amazon Books

Kathryn Kuhlman – Best Christian Books on Healing

gift of healing

Nothing is Impossible with God by Kathryn Kuhlman – download free Christian healing ebooks

Divine Healing Touch

The Lord’s Healing Touch by Kathryn Kuhlman – download free healing ebooks

More books by Kathryn Kuhlman

John G. Lake PDF Christian Books on Healing – How to start healing rooms

christian bargain ebook downloadThe Basic Course in Divine Healing by John G. Lake (Video)

  Books on Healing by John G. Lakes at Amazon

Andrew Murray pdf Books Online – Bargain Christian Healing Books

divine healingDivine Healing by Andrew Murray (video) – download free healing ebooks

More books on Books on Healing by Andrew Murray at Amazon

Free Christian eBook by Watchman Nee – Books on our Spiritual Authority

christian bargain ebook downloadThe Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee

spiritual authority by watchman nee download

spiritual authority

Spiritual Authority by Watchman Nee – Free Download

More books by
Watchman Nee

Free eBooks by T.L. Osborn – Subject Healing

christian bargain ebook downloadHealing the Sick by T.L. Osborn – download free healing ebooks

More books by T.L. Osborn

Download Free and Bargain Christian eBooks  by Derek Prince – Subject Deliverance

spiritual discipline of fastingSermon Teaching Fasting by Derek Prince – Free PDF Download

The Power and Purpose of Fasting – get three free documents on the subject of fasting.

  1.  Discipline of Fasting
  2. The Power and Purpose of Fasting
  3. Fasting and Prayer

christian bargain ebook downloadShaping History Through Prayer and Fasting

free ebook downloadSermon Teaching: Barriers to Blessings by Derek Prince – Free PDF Download

christian bargain ebook downloadDoes Your Tongue Need Healing by Derek Prince pdf free download

free ebook downloadSermon Teaching: Enduring Trials by Derek Prince pdf free download

How to Pass From Curse to Blessingschristian bargain ebook download by Derek Prince

christian bargain ebook downloadHusbands and Fathers Rediscovered by Derek Prince

christian bargain ebook downloadLucifer Exposed by Derek Prince

free ebook downloadSermon Teaching: Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen by Derek Prince – Free PDF Download

christian bargain ebook downloadPulling Down Strongholds by Derek Prince

free ebook downloadThe Authority and Power of God’s Word by Derek Prince – download free spiritual warfare books

free ebook downloadSermon Teaching: The Battlefield of the Mind by Derek Prince – derek prince books free pdf

free ebook downloadSermon Teaching: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit by derek prince sermons free download

free ebook downloadSermon Teaching: The Laying on of Hands by derek prince sermons free download

free ebook downloadThe Prayers and Proclamation by Derek Prince – Free Download

free ebook downloadThree Most Powerful Words by Derek Prince – Free Download

free ebook downloadWar in Heaven – by Derek Prince

Short Teaching Downoad





Sermon Teaching: Warfare in Heavenly Places by Derek  – Free PDF Download


Free Christian Article Download
Sermon Teaching: Weapons of Our Warfare by Derek Prince – Free PDF Download
Free Christian Article DownloadSpirit of Antichrist – 4 page article by Derek Prince

grace alone vs. legalism

By Grace Alone by Derek Prince ( Finding Freedom and Purging Legalism from your life)

Physical Healing - Derek Prince

Physical Healing – Derek Prince

God’s Medicine Bottle by Derek Prince

Derek prince books on deliverance

Blessings or Curses by Derek Prince







Free Christian eBook download by A.B. Simpson – Subject Healing

christian bargain ebook downloadThe Gospel of Healing by A.B. Simpson –  download free healing ebooks

More Books by A.B. Simpson

R.C. Sproul free download ebooks

christian bargain ebook downloadThe Work of Christ – by R.C. Scroll

More books you can purchase R.C. Sproul

Smith Wigglesworth free ebooks – a man of faith who moved in the power of the Lord – a man who moved in healings

christian bargain ebook downloadOnly Believe by Smith Wigglesworth pdf free download

christian bargain ebook downloadOn the Power of Scriptures by Smith Wigglesworth pdf free download

free ebook downloadFaith that Prevails by Smith Wigglesworth pdf ebook

christian bargain ebook downloadOn Prayer, Power, and Miracles by Smith Wigglesworth pdf ebook

free ebook downloadSermon Teaching: Living Faith by Smith Wigglesworth pdf free download

Clothed with the Spirit by Smith Wigglesworth – coming soon


increasing faith

Ever Increasing Faith by Smith Wigglesworth 

More Smith Wigglesworth Books at Amazon Books.

Henry Wright Books – Healing through Deliverance

A More Excellent Way dealing with spiritual roots of disease

A More Excellent Way










A More Excellent Way by Henry Wright – Spiritual Roots of Disease – learn the spiritual roots to your disease and how to become healed?

More Books by Henry Wright

Traci Morin Books
Read Her Healing Testimony

Deliverance Ministry Prayers of Deliverance by Traci Morin

Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Your Family by Traci Morin

Free Christian Article DownloadBreaking Witchcraft Curses Prayer – Are you under attack? (6-page prayer) by Traci Morin

Other Documentary Papers on Specific Subjects

Essential Oils is New Age

Essential Oils Fraud

Why Or Why Not Use Essential Oils (article) – learn how New Age is involved with essential oils

False Teachings Theophostic Prayer

False Teachings

Free Christian Article DownloadTheophostic Prayer Ministry and why it is a New Age Practice (article and video)



chrislam movement

chrislam movement

What is Chrislam Movement Religion and Why it is dangerous for the American Church and for our nation (article & video) – written by another ministry.  See video by Jack Van Impe

Other Authors – Free Christian ebook Downloads on Healing and Deliverance

free ebook downloadIan McCormack – A Glimpse of eternity (Testimony to download) or watch Video online

free ebook downloadHoward O. Pittman – Demons an eyewitness account (Testimony to download) or watch  Video online

free ebook downloadJim McCoy – (Testimony to download) Disciple of the Witch – getting of witchcraft

free ebook downloadPhilippe Besnard – Spiritual Warfare REVELATION OF A NEW AGE DECEPTION – he exposes the new age deception

free ebook downloadRussell Earl Kelly – Should the church teach Tithing? (learn good info about tithing) Watch Video

free ebook downloadAline Baxley – I WALKED IN HELL (testimony to download) or watch Video onli

free ebook downloadEmmanuel Enni – Delivered From The Powers Of Darkness (Testimony to download) or watch Video online


to hell and back book

to hell and back book

Dr. Rawlings – To Hell and back (Testimony to download) or watch  Video online

Sunshine Daughter of Sacrifice

Sunshine Daughter of Sacrifice

Teresa – Sunshine Daughter of Sacrifice (Testimony to download) or watch Video online

free ebook downloadBothered by Incubus and Succubus Spirits that visit in the night? (download teaching or watch  video online

free ebook downloadOvercoming Victim Spirit (download only) by Arthur Burk

free ebook downloadThe Seven Biblical Curses by Arthur Burk


Bibles, Bible Dictionary and Topical Bibles

 KJV Holy Bible Old Testament and New Testament – PDF Format – Free Download

Naves Concise Topical Bible – PDF Format – free Download

 Eastons Biblical Dictionary – PDF Format – Free Download

We have made books and bibles available for those who want to grow and don’t have the resources to buy these types of books. We ask you that you have downloaded free books to give us a love offering if you can.

Do you need a pdf reader? Buy Amazon healing and deliverance books


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