Feeding the Homeless in Irving

Feeding the Homeless Soup Kitchen

Touch of God Helps Feeding the Homeless in Irving, Texas

Touch of God International Ministries on October 20, 2016, volunteered help with feeding the homeless in Irving. Uniquely, Touch of God volunteers through Heartland Family Church with Many Helping Hands.They are an organization that reaches to the homeless.

Director, Traci Morin, of Touch of God International Ministries, feels it is important to take care of people who are down-in-out in life. It is important to share the Love of Christ and bring these people hope through Jesus Christ.

Many Helping Hands meets with nine churches on Thursday Night Feed. The group hosts two seasonal events annually. During these events, a larger community of low-income Irving residents who frequent food banks and non-profits come to the feeding. Many Helping Hands provides clothing, hygiene items, coats, blankets and other seasonal items to them at this time. If you are a church in Irving and want to help feed the poor and homeless people, please give Many Helping Hands Ministry a call.

They Are Always Looking for Churches Who Can Help Out in Irving Texas

If you are a church in Irving and want to help feed the poor and homeless people, please give Many Helping Hands Ministry a call. Their heart is to reach the poor and homeless with the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they receive the promises of God. Also, help some to receive the love from others that can transform them and heal their hurts.

Did you know Dallas has a high population of homeless people in our city? The poverty in Dallas County is no longer isolated in certain parts of Dallas. It is all over the city. There are approximately 189,6000 unemployed workers in Dallas. A staggering 127,000 people across Dallas, Collin, Rockwall and southern Denton.

In conclusion, Dallas has the highest child poverty rate among cities larger than 1 million people. Many Helping Hands is trying to make a difference by taking care of the homeless and poor people with children. If you are in need of food, and other necessities, come every Thursday night from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. The 3rd annual soup fundraiser, October 21, 2016, at Christ Church in Irving, Texas.

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See Photo Gallary of People Volunteering Feeding the Homeless

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Feeding the Homeless in Irving

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