Character of a True Prophet

Character of a True Prophet of God

I have met and known good and bad prophets in my life. Those who are true prophets have a love of Christ and have a want to love people into the kingdom. They never want to hurt people.

What I have learned about prophets is that if they do not deal with their rejection in their lives, that they will have bitterness in their hearts. When they are bitter, they deceive themselves. They must learn to deal with rejection without going into frustration and bitterness. It colored this prophet’s thinking, infect the word she or he have, and give us a jaundiced perspective on the life of the church. A prophet or prophetess needs to see themselves as a servant of the Lord and as messengers of the Lord delivering words from the Lord in love. If they do not have love in their hearts, they are clinging cymbals of brass.


Sharron Wesberry

True Prophets of God



If the prophet or prophetess does not deal with their past rejection, they dwell in the past living self-centered instead of Christ-centered, which will apparently cause a distortion in our vision. I dated a guy who felt he was called to correct churches. What I saw was a lot of hatred and unforgiveness, and he wanted the destruction of this one church. This church has helped many people who needed financial help.

What happens if a prophet does not deal with bitterness, is they can wound people. With bitterness, is a hard and critical spirit that causes them to take the law unto themselves. They have to deal with that rejection, or they go into self-delusion. In fact, divination creeps into their lives.

Unfortunately, I have met prophets in my life that did reach into that self-delusion. I witness them cutting people off who cared about her. This one was always the queen bee in prophetic and in deliverance. I pray for this woman. Each month she hurt people because I didn’t see any love for anyone but herself if she did have a love for herself. She was trying to get her identity through the gifts of greatness. I do believe she would have been great. What I saw lacking was the love of others.


A real prophet sees themselves as a servant of the Lord as an extension of God’s love. They love people and are selfless. It is not about them and the anointing. God will give the anointing. God gives the anointing and power to touch people’s lives. They see good in all individuals. They do not become their law nor do they just live in the old testament. They are not power-hungry. They do not use people for their benefit. They don’t hide and isolate themselves because of their rejection. They deal with their rejection.

The prophets and prophetess I knew believed in high character and high integrity. They could live righteously but also treat people with respect and show love. They would never try to destroy lives.

There is always hope for people who fall into self-delusion. I pray for this person for God to heal her from all the past hurts, rejection from family and past regrets. This woman, anointed, but with divination, could be great and rise to the top with the other high-level prophets. That is my want to see this happen to this prophetess. Unfortunately, this prophetess is a Jezebel and will destroy anyone that gets close to her.

If you know people like this, pray for them. I know I do. I cared about this person and still care for her. Even though I got the most sickening letter from this person, I knew she was describing herself. I asked many people if I was anything in what she wrote. I asked people who knew me 10 to 25 years, and they said all the same thing. One said I trust people too much and I love too much that is opposite what this person described me.

God is good, and God has given me the ability to forgive her and pray for her. I do care and hope and pray she deals with her past issues and learn to love and care for people and to lay down that spirit of divination and kill that Jezebel spirit inside her.

If you meet prophets/prophetess who have a lot of rejection and bitterness.

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