Pain Pill Addiction Testimony

addicted to pain killers

Pain Pill Drug Addiction Recovery and Testimony    Pain pill drug addiction can ruin your life. Read a testimony and triumph story of recovery from someone who struggles with addiction. My drug addiction story testimony. I got addicted to painkillers…
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Derek Prince Teaches Curses Blocks Blessings

Derek Prince - Curses Block Blessings

Curses Block Blessings by Derek Prince Watch a video by Derek Prince – why curses block blessings? Generational curses are like an evil arm that keeps tripping you up in life. A dark shadow over your life. Derek Prince Teaches…
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Breaking Masonic Curses Event

newsletter list

Breaking Masonic Curses Event Newsletter: 10/15/2015 Did you know if you have had a family member as far back as four (4) generations involved with Freemasonry, it puts a curse on your bloodline?  Also, all levels of Freemasonry make vows that are…
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Seminar Course Manual

Seminar Course Manual

Deliverance Seminar Course Manual Overview Thank you for registering for the upcoming FREE Healing and Deliverance Seminar. Available online at at the door of the seminar is the seminar course manual. Learn About Spiritual Warfare and How to Fight The Good Fight…
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How to Overcome Demonic Oppression

Signs of Demonic Oppression

Overcome Demonic Oppression and Torment You’re harassed by evil spirits or have feelings of oppression, depression, or even torment? Learn why we get demonic oppression and find out how to overcome demonic oppression. Harassed by Evil Spirits See Symptoms of…
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Conceived Out of Wedlock

breaking bastard curse, illegitimacy, born out of wedlock

Is A Child Conceived Out of Wedlock a Bastard? According to the Bible, if a child conceived out of Wedlock, a Bastard Curse is on them. The Bible says a bastard’s curse goes back ten generations. The conception results from the…
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Biblical Discernment

Spiritual Discernment

Biblical Discernment Is Important Biblical discernment is the ability to decide between truth and error, right and wrong. We need biblical insight to live an uncompromising life to abstain from evil in every area of our life, especially today. I believe…
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Overcoming Victim Mentality Prayer

overcoming victim spirit prayer

Overcoming Victim Spirit Prayer of Deliverance Part 2 Do you have a victim spirit and want to change your victimization to become victorious? Below is an overcoming victim spirit prayer of deliverance. First, you must change your mindset and line…
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Facts About Cigarette Smoking Addiction

Cigarette Smoking Addiction

Learn Facts about Cigarette Smoking How cigarette Smoking Opens Door to a Spirit of Death Cigarette smoking addiction problem.  It is rooted for a need for love. Cigarette smoking addiction have more than 4,000 individual compounds and more than 60…
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Deliverance from Demonic Oppression

Deliverance from Demonic Oppression

Deliverance From Demonic Oppression – Monica’s Testimony Watch Monica’s healing testimony from demonic oppression, demonic torment, and sickness and disease after her involvement with the occult and new age medicine. Monica came to Touch of God International Ministries out of her…
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Overcome Self-Pity and Depression

eliminate self pity

Eliminate Self Pity   How Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality. It is time to eliminate Self-Pity and Depression. Jesus came to heal the…
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How to Overcome Gluttony

Overcome Gluttony

How to Overcome Gluttony and Stop Comfort Eating How to Overcome Gluttony What is the spiritual root issue with a spirit of gluttony and how to overcome gluttony. Does it have something to do in how we feel about self?…
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Take Captive Every Thought

take negative thoughts captive

Take negative thoughts captive It is important to take negative thoughts captive captive because not all your thoughts are not your own.  My question to you is what is fiery darts?  Our thoughts come from three sources – God, yourself…
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Physical Symptoms of a Broken Heart

A man thinkith in his heart so is hee

Physical Symptoms of a Broken Heart A Broken Heart Syndrome Prov. 17:22 says “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Did you know if you have a broken heart, your immune system…
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Financial Crisis Prayer

financial prayers to overcome poverty

Overcome Financial Crisis Problem Are you under financial strain? Pray today for the grace to be able to trust God for provision, wisdom, and direction, and the grace to be able to see past the fearful circumstances and continue in…
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Vampirism on the Rise with Youth

Youth Vampire Obsession On the Rise

Youth Vampire Obsession on the Rise Today, the media either through TV, games and books, is deliberately introducing young people and adults into a level of satanic witchcraft through our media with shows such as Harry Potter, Twilight, Werewolf, Twilight,…
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Manipulated Sound Waves Affects Human Behavior

Manipulated Sound Waves Affects Human Behavior

Manipulated Sound Waves Affects Human Behavior of Children and Human Society   The use of manipulated sound waves affect the human behavior of children and adults today. Media sound like music beats in drum beats has a significant effect on…
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Children and the Media – Part 2

Media brainwashing techniques

Media brainwashing Techniques Against Our Children Learn how media brainwashing techniques effects on children watching TV. The media brainwashing techniques are reshaping minds, hypnotizing them, opening to a spirit of fear, and desensitizing them to violence and aggression. Learn how…
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Battle of the Mind

Spiritual Battle of the Mind take captive negative thoughts 333,000 demolishing every negative thought Renewing the Mind, Breaking Down Strongholds, Creating New Mems – Battle of the Mind How to Pull Down Strongholds of the Mind and How to Renew…
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Demonic Oppression Symptoms of Spirit of Heaviness

demonic oppression symptions

Signs of Demonic Oppression Symptoms Learn signs of demonic oppression symptoms in your life. Watch free healing and deliverance sermons (video) video. Deliverance Movie From Demonic Torment – Overcoming Spirit of Heaviness (it has approx. 7 minutes short) or read article…
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Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Healing

spiritual warfare for healing

Spiritual Warfare Healing Prayers   Christian Spiritual Warfare Healing Prayers for those who are sick in body!!! Make this your common practice: Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you can live together whole…
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Who Needs Deliverance

Christian Need Deliverance

 Who Needs Deliverance – Can Christians Need Deliverance Who needs deliverance? You are a Christian and maybe you have doubt that Christians need deliverance. Go through this list and if you can identify at least ten issues, you may consider…
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Hedge of Protection & Prayer – P2

Hedge of Protection

Continuation of Hedge of Protection Prayer and Spiritual Warfare Prayers Righteousness breastplate – guard our hearts (emotions) from fear, guilt, shame, rejection, etc.  All these characteristics is not the characteristics of God but are the characteristics of Satan’s kingdom.  It…
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The Effects of Incest and Rape

Overcome sexual Abuse Strongholds

How to Overcome Sexual Abuse Trauma How does a person overcome sexual abuse trauma event? Any experience of sexual abuse is an open the door to just about everything (bitterness, accusation, rejection, unloving spirits, fear, unclean spirits, shame and guilt,…
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It is Easy To Love Those Who Love You

Love others as jesus loved us

Jesus said Love Your Enemies Who Hurt You – Luke 6:27-37 When Jesus said love your enemy, it is not easy to love everyone who hurt you or break your heart. Luke 6:27-37 – Kindness Fruit of the Spirit 27…
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Overcome Masturbation Prayer – Part 2

Overcome Masturbation Prayer

Overcome Masturbation Prayer How to overcome masturbation. The problem with masturbation is all sin starts with a thought and turns into action. That means those fantasies could turn into sexual sin with someone else outside of marriage, and you live…
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Is Masturbation Sin?

masturbation is a sin

The Bible Says Masterbation is Sin Against Your Flesh The Bible does not say directly that masturbation is sin. Masturbation does lead to sin, addiction or it is an act of lust since masturbation requires fantasy of the mind. It…
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