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Advanced Training Payment

advanced training payment

School of Ministry Advance Training Payment Advance Training Payment: Biblical School of Ministry Training in Healing and Deliverance for those called to minister to others and restore others by restoring brokenhearted.  We are a biblical healing ministry, deliverance ministry and…
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Spirit of Fear Causing Stress?

Spirit of Fear Causing Stress? Redo this page Newsletter 07/24/2012 Am I In Control of Stress or Stress Controlling Me: Spirit of Fear Fear and Fear Stress Physiology – What Fear Does To Your Body if You Are Not In…
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Why So Much Heart Disease in America

Top Ten Diseases in America - Heart Disease / Heart Attacks

Why So Much Heart Disease in America  – redo Why so much heart disease in America? Is it because people today are under extreme stress and pressures in life. They live in fear about bills being paid, having a job…
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Demonic Oppression Symptoms of Spirit of Heaviness

demonic oppression symptions

Signs of Demonic Oppression Symptoms Learn signs of demonic oppression symptoms in your life. Watch free healing and deliverance sermons (video) video. Deliverance Movie From Demonic Torment – Overcoming Spirit of Heaviness (it has approx. 7 minutes short) or read article…
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Renewing the Mind Scriptures

The Mind Is A Battlefield – Renewing the Mind, Breaking Strongholds Spiritual Warfare – Not All Our Thoughts Are Our Own – Renewing the Mind Romans 12:1 “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present…
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How to Overcome Fibromyalgia

Overcome Fibromyalgia Pain

How to Overcome Fibromyalgia Mainly a Female Problem! First of all sickness and disease does not come from God.  Sickness and disease is a result of a curse from sin all the way back to Adam and Eve.  The Lord…
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Who Needs Deliverance

Christian Need Deliverance

 Who Needs Deliverance – Can Christians Need Deliverance Who needs deliverance? You are a Christian and maybe you have doubt that Christians need deliverance. Go through this list and if you can identify at least ten issues, you may consider…
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Hedge of Protection & Prayer – P2

Hedge of Protection

Continuation of Hedge of Protection Prayer and Spiritual Warfare Prayers Righteousness breastplate – guard our hearts (emotions) from fear, guilt, shame, rejection, etc.  All these characteristics is not the characteristics of God but are the characteristics of Satan’s kingdom.  It…
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The Effects of Incest and Rape

Overcome sexual Abuse Strongholds

How to Overcome Sexual Abuse Trauma How does a person overcome sexual abuse trauma event? Any experience of sexual abuse is an open the door to just about everything (bitterness, accusation, rejection, unloving spirits, fear, unclean spirits, shame and guilt,…
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Breaking Demonic Strongholds Strongman – P3

Breaking Demonic Strongholds

Breaking Demonic Stronghold Through Deliverance   Looking at breaking demonic strongholds of rejection in your life.  When one of the goods or underlings is manifesting such as self-pity, then the kingdom of self is being promoted and not the kingdom of…
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Breaking Demonic Strongholds – p2

Photo of Breaking Chains - Casting Down Strongholds

Breaking Demonic Strongholds The spiritual battle of the mind – Breaking Demonic Strongholds by Renewing the Mind The battlefields of spiritual warfare are not as obvious as we often believe. These two strongholds in particular are deceptively powerful, lies opposite of…
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Heated Conversation Never Say “You”

Words to Avoid Learn to Not Use The Word “You” When Upset Have you ever been angry with someone and felt you needed to correct them or get your point across?  Many times when people are mad, they use the…
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Kinds and Purpose for Afflictions

Purpose of Suffering

What is the Purpose of Suffering Trials, Tribulations And Afflictions Ps. 25:18 “Look upon mine affliction and my pain; and forgive all my sins.” Jesus was perfect and had pharasees (religious spirit) and accusers.  The pharasees and accusers put Him…
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Breaking Curses, Spells and Incantations

breaking spells through prayer

Under Spiritual Warfare Attack – Breaking Spells Prayer Under attack and someone praying spells prayers against you? Read the prayers for breaking spells prayers for freedom. Spiritual Attach of curses, spells and incantations This is to help reverse curses from…
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Break Ungodly Soul Ties Prayer

Photo of Breaking Soul Ties

Break Ungodly Soul Ties Prayer Say this pray to break Soul Ties for Non-Sexual Relationships and Sexual Relationships: Non-Sexual Relationship Ungodly Soul Ties, Co-Dependence or Inordinate Affection How to Overcome Ungodly Soul Ties Prayer Pray this prayer to break ungodly…
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Jesus came to heal all diseases

Sick for the Glory of God! Many believe sickness for the Glory of God! This is a misconception and often times referred to the death of Lazarus.  The sickness of Lazarus has often been referred to as sick for the glory…
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Hindrances to the Power of God

How To Remove the Hindrances to the Power of God and Obtain Healing such as Doubt and Unbelief (Notes from John G. Lakes Ministry) 1. The first major power hindrance to the Power of God in a person’s life is…
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God is Our Righteous Judge

God is a righteous judge

God is Our Righteous Judge Over All The Earth Disease does not come from God or Jesus but Satan God, being the Law-giver, the Righteous Judge, and the originator of the Law of Sowing and Reaping, takes responsibility for the…
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Human Body Fights Off Cancer Throughout Life

Why Do Humans Get Cancer 6 Times A Year? God made our bodies fight foreign invaders. When we are at peace, the body knows when it is cancer and kills cancer. The Mind/Body Connection and the Immune System Did you…
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Guilt Can Lead to Addiction

A Spirit of Guilt Leads to Addiction Overcoming Guilt Did you know if you’ve been programmed with guilt to believe a lie you are responsible for other people’s happiness which can bring stress leading to addictions to sweets and other…
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Fighting Daily Fears

Perfect Love Cast Out Fear

How to Fight Fear, Stress, and Worry!   Anxiety and fear do not come from God but exhaust the power God gives us to face everyday problems and to carry out responsibilities. These are sinful wastes.  Fear is not God’s character,…
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Emotional Pain Connection to Physical Disease

Emotional Pain Symptoms

Learn Emotional Pain Symptoms – Emotions Pain Affect Your Physical Health What causes emotional pain! A broken heart, wounded spirit through betrayal, loss, divorce, causes emotional pain symptoms. Losing a loved one, struggling with job woes, or having our lives…
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Test of the Heart

Test of the Heart

God Humbles You by Test of the Heart in Hard Times Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the desert these forty years, to humble you and to test you to know what is in your heart that…
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Our Faith Makes God Act

divine healing through Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Necessary faith in God: Healing by faith and faith without works is dead The Scriptures say, “If we ask for anything according to his will he heareth us.”  What is His will?  All be saved, and All be Healed. When…
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Healing Is For Today

Healing is for Today Tomorrow and Forever So many mainline churches do not believe healing is for today that much of God’s healing died away with the apostles of Christ. Let me point out why healing is for today! There…
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Not Against Flesh and Blood

For Our Battle is Not Against Flesh and Blood When someone accuses you, is it the flesh attacking you or a spirit working through the Christian or non-Christian? Ephesians 6:10-17 “10 Finally, brethren, be strengthened in the Lord, and in…
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Ungodly Order in the Home Create Chaos and Learning Disability

Ungodly Order Connection to Learning Disabilities When the wife runs the home, the house is out of order.  God is very particular about the order of the home according to The Christian Church cannot flourish without the Christian home. If…
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Jesus Gave Us Authority

Jesus Healings and deliverance and Jesus Gave Us Authority to Heal and Deliver Captives from Bondage Jesus Gave Us Authority Scriptures Matt 4:23-24 23 And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the…
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Healing In Jesus’ Day

Misconception Sickness for the Glory of God

Jesus healing all who were sick In Jesus Day Jesus Came to Destroy the Works of the Devil With the coming of the Lord, the two were even more visibly and inseparably bound together. He came to destroy the works…
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Satan is a Liar

Are You Hearing Lies – Satan is the Father of Lies How many of you have been prayed for healing and later don’t think you’ve been healed. Jesus did the work on the cross 2000 years ago. So what gets…
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How To Have A Victorious Life

Victorious Life

How To Live A Victorious Life In Christ Fill your head and your heart with the Scriptures. Take the time each day to read God’s Word.  Realize God’s Word is the Lord Manifested in the Word.  Memorize passages from the Word,…
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Ye Shall Receive Power

spiritual warfare for healing

Healing Power Holy Spirit How to Release God’s Healing Power Through Prayer healing the sick, casting out demons, & performing miracles.  He is a God healing miracles. Ye Shall Receive Power Through Jesus Christ to Heal the Sick and Raise…
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Prayers Over Possible Divorce

Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Spiritual Warfare – Save Your Marriage Prayers Fill out the Save Your Marriage prayers or Say These Prayers and Believe God Saves Marriages Deliverance Prayers to Say Out Loud Father, We at Healing Touch of God, stand against divorce in…
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Occult Practices Forbidden

Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult Forbidden in the Word of God THE OCCULT. The word occult refers to what is hidden, concealed, or secret. The occult involves the spirit world – but the spirit world of darkness. The occult…
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Hurt By Others: How to Cope

Healing and Deliverance Ministry Mend a Broken Heart – How to Heal a Broken Heart My tears trickled slowly down my cheek not knowing how to handle these negative emotions. Have you ever been hurt deeply by someone you trusted…
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The Source of Most Diseases

The Bible and Healing – The Source of Most Diseases The Source of Sin, Sicknesses, and Diseases Bible Scriptures on the source of most diseases The Bible teaches that Satan and demons are the source of sin and disease. That…
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