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Demonic Oppression Symptoms of Spirit of Heaviness

demonic oppression symptions

Signs of Demonic Oppression Symptoms Learn signs of demonic oppression symptoms in your life. Watch free healing and deliverance sermons (video) video. Deliverance Movie From Demonic Torment – Overcoming Spirit of Heaviness (it has approx. 7 minutes short) or read article…
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Who Needs Deliverance

Christian Need Deliverance

 Who Needs Deliverance – Can Christians Need Deliverance Who needs deliverance? You are a Christian and maybe you have doubt that Christians need deliverance. Go through this list and if you can identify at least ten issues, you may consider…
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The Effects of Incest and Rape

Overcome sexual Abuse Strongholds

How to Overcome Sexual Abuse Trauma How does a person overcome sexual abuse trauma event? Any experience of sexual abuse is an open the door to just about everything (bitterness, accusation, rejection, unloving spirits, fear, unclean spirits, shame and guilt,…
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13 Obligations of How to Live the Christian Life

Live Christian Life

How to Live The Christian Life in a Sinful World Jesus encourages all believers to grow in relationship, commitment, and obedience to Him. This is the essence of how to live a Christian life. Our relationship, commitment, and obedience are…
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House in Order Has Harmony

How to Have Harmony In the Home – Husband is the Spiritual Leader To have authority you submit under authority.  This is a principle which governs relationships within the home.   Husband is the spiritual leader and has authority in Christ when…
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History of Medicine

Learn The Origin of Medicine in Today’s World We usually think of the origin of medicine coming from Hippocrates in Greece, but documented that the Egyptians practising pharmacology and medicine at 1000 years before Hippocrates. The Origin of Medicine and…
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Is Masturbation Sin?

masturbation is a sin

The Bible Says Masterbation is Sin Against Your Flesh The Bible does not say directly that masturbation is sin. Masturbation does lead to sin, addiction or it is an act of lust since masturbation requires fantasy of the mind. It…
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Heated Conversation Never Say “You”

Words to Avoid Learn to Not Use The Word “You” When Upset Have you ever been angry with someone and felt you needed to correct them or get your point across?  Many times when people are mad, they use the…
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Break Ungodly Soul Ties Prayer

Photo of Breaking Soul Ties

Break Ungodly Soul Ties Prayer Say this pray to break Soul Ties for Non-Sexual Relationships and Sexual Relationships: Non-Sexual Relationship Ungodly Soul Ties, Co-Dependence or Inordinate Affection How to Overcome Ungodly Soul Ties Prayer Pray this prayer to break ungodly…
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Jesus Gave Us Authority

Jesus Healings and deliverance and Jesus Gave Us Authority to Heal and Deliver Captives from Bondage Jesus Gave Us Authority Scriptures Matt 4:23-24 23 And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the…
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Characteristics Activities of Demons

Signs of Demonic Oppression

Signs of Demonic Oppression Signs of Demonic Activity The term ‘deliverance’ as used here encompasses both the process and the result of one’s liberation from demonic bondage. Deliverance is driving out evil spirits, using the name of the Lord Jesus…
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Occult Practices Forbidden

Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult Forbidden in the Word of God THE OCCULT. The word occult refers to what is hidden, concealed, or secret. The occult involves the spirit world – but the spirit world of darkness. The occult…
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